The Most Important Thing Is Love – Krystyna

It’s hard to talk about the essence of your existence in just a few words. I think the most important thing in life, in you and for you, is love. And I’ve been always looking for it – at first in other people, first of all in my parents and friends. I remember participating in a seminar on “What Is Love?” The discussion was quite heated but I came out of it with a strong conviction that love meant giving without expecting anything in return. It took me some time to understand that only God loves that way.

I was born in a religious family. My parents taught me to pray; we went to church together; we read religious magazines, books about God and testimonies of other Christians. Years went by, I was growing up and it seemed that spiritually “I had it all,” but deep within I felt something was missing. Later I understood that I wasn’t missing something but Someone – a Living God. He was present in my life – I even invited Him into my heart – but I never fully trusted Him. I thought my faith depended on my works, so I tried to do a lot of things for God. I wanted to please Him. I prayed, I went to church every day, I was a member of various prayer groups and Christian organizations, I read many books except for the most important one, the Bible. I wanted to give myself to God completely, so I entered a convent. It’s good to be among those who pursue the same cause. But you don’t have to live in a monastery to walk with God and to fully devote yourself to Him. I didn’t stay there. I knew I could serve God in every place in the world and in every job, whether I was married or single. The most important thing is to love Him, to be with Him in every moment, to talk to Him and to give in to His will. To accept Him as your Lord, now and forever.

A few years later I got married and God blessed us with children. We created a wonderful family and God was with us.

I live because of the Lord and for Him. Sometimes it’s joyful and sometimes it’s hard. God didn’t say it was going to be easy, but He certainly said He would always be with me.

Some time ago my husband left us. I was left alone… no, not quite alone – God was still with me. He was there when I gave birth to my longed-for child and when my son got seriously ill. He was there when I was pregnant with my second child and when our disabled daughter came to the world; when we fought for her life and when she miraculously made progress. The doctors’ prognosis wasn’t confirmed. They could be surprised; I wasn’t. I knew the Lord “works righteousness and justice for all the oppressed. The Lord is compassionate and gracious” (Ps 103:6, 8). If not rooted in God, human love is fleeting - today it exists, tomorrow it’s gone. Only God loves forever and unconditionally. And I thank Him for this.